The Fans

The fans of Fulham Football Club

What is a football club without its fans? A football club cannot go far without the support of its loving fans. Can you think of any club in the top leagues that does not have fans that would do almost anything to catch their game? Even upcoming clubs have supporters who cheer on the players, giving them the motivation to work even harder. These fans are there season in season out, and they stick with the club through thick and thin. When management changes, the fans remain. The fans stick by the team even when the top players leave for greener pastures. Any team that wants to go far must embrace its lifeline – its supporters. And Fulham has done an excellent job at this.

Over the years, the team has seen its fan base growing as it moves from one league to another, finally achieving Premier League status. It now has one of the top home attendances in the country, indicating how far it has come.

Without this support, the team would probably not have made a home for itself as it did at Craven Cottage. Take an example of when the club moved to Loftus Road for a while. The fans came together and backed a committee known as ‘back to the cottage.’ This move proved to be the wind beneath the wings of the team. You can see how important it is to have support, something which Fulham management recognizes.

Most Fulham fans come from Fulham and Hammersmith areas. Others come from other regions in South West London such as Richmond and Sutton. Interestingly, this club has also garnered support from supporters from across the globe. They have worked in uplifting the team members using social media and other such platforms.

And the club has reciprocated this love by allowing the fans to have a say in some decisions. For example, the club website allowed fans to pick their best FFC Premier League XI using social media. Through this channel, supporters could choose who they preferred as a winger, center-back, forward, fullback, goalkeeper, or midfielder.

International Support

It will interest you to know that there are many support groups for this club across the globe, which you can join to impact the team in some way. Joining such a support group allows you to interact with like-minded people while supporting your favourite team. The fan groups are as follows:

FFC Sweden

This club has its headquarters in Sweden and has been in operation for at least five years. It caters to the needs of Swedish fans, and affiliation to it has benefits.

The Fulham Exiles

This club operates a website that provides information to members while facilitating communication between the website operators and fans. It has its base in the United States of America and is an official Fulham members club.

Dutch Fulham members club

People who live in the Netherlands can be as close to the action as those residing in Fulham without having to leave their homes’ comfort. It is possible thanks to this club, whose members try to recreate the feeling of being at the Cottage as often as they can. Annually, the members come together and celebrate how far the club has come.

Fulham members Club Norway

Fans are always eager to learn more about the club which they support. And joining a members club is one way to be in on the latest club developments. This supporters club has an affiliation to Fulham and works in spreading awareness towards the same.

FFC Australasian Whites

This club focuses on Fulham fans based in Australia and New Zealand. The official affiliation that this club has with the football team makes it easier to garner more members in the region. Anyone living outside the UK and feels homesick for missing out on some Fulham games can join this club.

FFC Italian Cottagers

Fulham club also goes by the name ‘The Cottagers.’ This club makes a reference to this nickname. It started small and has since grown to have a large fan base, where people can discuss matters concerning the club in an online forum. Members can also participate in communities in several social media platforms.

FFC Tampere Finland

If you live in Finland and want to be part of a club with a focus on your favourite team, this would be a good choice. You will enjoy that the group arranges trips to Fulham yearly to cheer on the team in person.

FFC Denmark

This club came to be with the intention of growing Danish support for Fulham and has been successful in this.

Other groups you can join include Fulham FC Germany, Fulham NYC, and Chicago Cottagers. Any of these platforms will provide you an avenue through which you can express your love for your beloved team. Here is to cheering on Fulham Football Club!