EFL Championship

Fulham FC players celebrating after goal

There is no denying that times are quite tense with the nearing of the end of the championship season. Every team wishes to put its best foot forward as clubs work on unseating each other. And with this determination comes many speculations as to who will take the lead.

Fulham is one of the teams which have garnered a lot of support as it grows even bigger and better. And with this growth comes a lot of competition, as it seeks to beat Brentford and West Brom. What will the result be?

These three teams are working on joining Leeds in the Premier League come the next season. And to shine amidst the competition, Fulham management and team members have to work day and night.

There are the impending play-offs yet to take place. From this point, it will be clear which of the three teams will stay put in England’s second-tier next season.

So far, only Leeds is sure of its fate, a confirmation which many teams would wish to have for them to prepare for the coming season. The three teams are yet to know if they will undergo relegation. Even more interesting is the fact that even those in play-off positions could end up not taking part in the same.

When the whistle blows at 1930 hours on Wednesday, the games will begin. And hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people, will remain glued to their screens, following every second of the action as if it were their last. Stats show that Brentford and West Brom have an advantage, but that is not to say that they are the clear winners.

Let us take a more in-depth look at the participating teams and what the future could hold for Fulham. It is important to note that these are merely stats and slight predictions that have nothing to do with the outcome. You can thus keep cheering your favourite team on with this in mind.


This team currently holds the Champions position. Its fans can enjoy the comfort of knowing what lies in the future.

Why is this? Well, when Huddersfield beat West Brom, the result paved the way for this team to move forward.

It helped matters a great deal that Brentford went on to lose to Stoke in the day that followed. It looked like the stars were lining up for this team, which went on to beat Derby 3-1. Their next game is against Charlton.

West Brom

This team is second in the championship and faced a defeat against Huddersfield. Following this, the team management declared that they would play in the play-offs, thus increasing their chances of success. They have had several near misses in the past. Had Brentford not lost to Stoke, West Brom’s fate could have taken an ugly turn.

This team stands a chance at promotion to the league if they can match what Brentford gets or do better. If that does not work, they will have to hope that Fulham drops points against Wigan. Those are many ifs.


As the team in the third position, this club has to work hard to get that promotion. Its odds of getting promoted stand at 4/1, creating quite a lot of pressure on the players.

The team has not performed badly overall and has eight consecutive wins to its stats. They could have done very well and moved on to the top two positions had they won against Stoke.

Their excellent performance owes to their swift attack tactics backed by a solid defence, allowing them to enjoy a +43 goal difference.

For them to win, West Brom needs to drop some points. However, Brentford also needs to pull its socks by beating Barnley or at least drawing. These events can lead to automatic promotion.

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And finally, we get to the prediction you most want to hear. While Fulham lies in the fourth position, it has a chance of getting promoted to the league. However, the odds for automatic promotion stand at 66/1. They thus need to do quite a lot to get into the league.

Their next match is against Wigan, and they have a lot riding on this. If they can beat their opponents, that would increase their chances of success.

They also need West Brom to lose to QPR and Brentford not to pick up more than one point from their Barnsley game. Their goal difference this season is not much, but it is not nothing either.

Given the unpredictability of the championship, there is no telling what the outcome of these games will be. But you can count on Fulham to forge ahead, keeping a positive attitude and hoping for that promotion. We can only wish them well as they undertake this amazing journey.