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Are you an avid football fan with a particular interest in the EFL Championship? If yes, then full Ham Football Club is likely to have caught your eye.

This professional club has its headquarters in Fulham, London, in England. It is an active participant in the EFL Championship, which happens to be the second tier of English football.

This club is by no means new in the football industry and has been in existence since 1979. Did you know that this is the oldest football club in London that plays in the football league?


Fulham Football Club goes by several nicknames. They include The Whites, The Lily Whites, and The Cottagers. This club started 141 years ago by the name Saint Andrews Cricket and Football Club. It has since evolved to playing in the Premier League, with its grounds at Craven Cottage.

The grounds have a capacity of 25700 people. And if you’re interested in who would be lucky enough to own such a club, the answer is Shahid Khan. Scott Parker manages the club.


This club has not been without its progress in its more than a century of existence. It has spent 26 seasons in English football’s top division, an indication of the players’ prowess in the sport. Most of this participation took place in the 1960s and the 200s. Mohamed Al-Fayed is responsible for this success in the early 2000s. He was the then chairman of the club and saw it rise to victory towards the end of the 1990s.

Fulham has some accomplishments, such that it has reached two major finals. One of these was in 1975, where the club featured as a second division team.

Team photo of Fulham player before Europa League Final

They played the FA Cup final, in which they lost 2-0 to West Ham United. This loss did not dampen their spirits but kept them working for an even bigger accomplishment. Their determination saw them reach the UEFA Europa League final. Here, they played against Atletico Madrid in Hamburg.

The game moved on to extra-time, at the end of which they lost to Atletico, with scores of 2-1.

All clubs have rivalries, and with Fulham, these are Chelsea, Brentford, and Queens Park Rangers. When playing, players adorn on a white shirt and black socks. This uniform has been in place since 1903, showing how dearly this club holds onto its rich history.

To this day, Fulham is a member of the European Club Association and has qualified four times for the European competition.

They qualified for the UEFA Intertoto Cup after they had played their first season in the Premier League. They won this, which paved the way to play in the UEFA Cup. They later played in the UEFA Europa League two times. This club remains unbeaten at home regarding the European competition.

Stats show that Fulham has emerged winner in 17 of these games, and the games have ended in a draw six times.

Memory Lane

While this club has made a home for itself at Craven Cottage, it wasn’t always the case. The club first came to be in 1879, at a time when they did not have a ground to call their own.

They started playing at the mud pond before moving on to other stadiums. They finally found a home at Craven Cottage in 1896. Given how much they moved around, finding a comprehensive list of all the places they have played is quite tricky.

Some of these venues include Lillie Road, Ranelagh House, Parsons Green, Half Moon, Captain James Field, and Barn Elms playing fields.

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